Internal Conflict

Act 5, Scene 3: Theme

One person should never be the cause of someone else's bad day. Although when the Prince tells both families, "A glooming peace this mourning with it brings. The sun for sorrow will not show his head."(1102, 330-331). Romeo's actions caused both families so much pain. It was because of Romeo's actions that Juliet's family had to put her in her grave for a second time. Its a type of pain that should never be bestowed upon someone else.

Problems start somewhere

Romeo has just had his heart broken. His friends want to have Romeo go to the party and forget about his sorrows. Romeo says, "I fear, too early; for my mind misgives some consequence"(1012, 114-115). This portrays something is about to happen. Good or Bad something is about to happen.

Problems get bigger

Romeo is talking to the Friar and the nurse after killing Tybalt. Romeo regrets his actions and thinks suicide is the way out, " In what vile of this anatomy doth my name lodge? Tell me, that I may sack the hateful mansion"(1096, 120-124). When Romeo says this the nurse comes in and tells Romeo that Juliet still loves him. Romeo if he would have committed suicide it would have been tears for his family and Juliet.

A problem that takes not 1 but 2.

Romeo fails to receive the Friar's message. Romeo rides to his brides tomb and gives her his final words, "Here's to my love! O true apothecary! Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die"(1096, 120-124). After romeo dies Juliet wakes up and sees her Romeo on the floor dead. Dread and sadness fall over her like cement. She can't bear it and decides to take her own life.

Yet not 2 but all.

Romeo's actions caused death and sorrow for his love and his family. Now he is the cause of death of Juliet, literally.. no but his choice to kill himself led to Juliet killing herself. People should never be the cause of someones bad day or worst feeling. Romeo's actions caused pain for Juliet's family and his. Now both families must live with the death of their children due to a family feud.