Social Studies

By:Hannah Sprick

New England

The Northern colony's (new England) Built homes that made up a town. All the people in New England believed strongly in choosing there own religion. New England did not have as much slaves as the other colony's in fact they hardly had any! They did not have any good farm land so most of the people who lived in New England made money by other things like cutting timber from dens forests. Along the coast in New England they, fished, built ships, and hunted whales.

Middle colony's

The Middle colony's had warm climate which was good for farming so that is how allot of people in the Middle colony made money. The farmers raised wheat to sell. The settlers built roads and bridges that also helped the middle colony's people make money. Farming was a big part of life in the Middle colony. There were lots of different towns in this colony. The people in the middle colony also believed strongly in choosing their own religion.

southern colony's

The southern colony had slaves to do their work. The south had rich soil and grew valuable crops like cotton and rice. The colonist of Georgia had good relationships with the Native Americans. Maryland was one of the only colony's in the south that welcomed Catholics. Virginia became a royal colony when King James I took over Virginia. North and south Carolina Had lots of rice plantations.


Slaves normally grew tobacco and rice but later on they grew cotton. Many southern planters relied on slaves to tend, pick, and prepare the plants for shipping. Enslaved Africans did more work in the fields. Some Enslaved Africans new about planting and growing rice . Because of their gift their owners would buy more slave and make the older slaves teach the new slaves how to grow and plant rice. It was common for Slaved family's to get separated because they were sold or bought from other owners.


James Town is in Virginia (Southern colony). Virginia was ruled by King James I after Queen Elizabeth I died. King James became interested in setting up a an English colony. in 1610 he gave on an organization called the Virginia company and how it worked was Investors paid for shares. here is how it worked, The company financed the three ships to take people to Virginia, The settlers built the colony at James town, Then lumber, tobacco, tar, glass, and pitch were exported to England, And after products were sold.