December Best Practices & Reminders

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A Note from your Instructional Coach

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! I enjoy working with you and look forward to growing and learning together more in 2016.

In just a few short months, we've seen and shared some great engagement /instructional strategies:

1) 4 Square and 6 Square Activities

2) Breakout Rooms

3) Student Self Check Slides

4) Interactive Websites - app sharing them in breakout rooms so we as teachers can monitor and provide feedback to our students

5) Think, Pair, Share

6) Summarizing Activities before quiz or exit ticket

7) Cold Call

As we dive into the New Year, we will dig a little deeper into the effectiveness of each strategy. Hopefully, we can continue to find new ideas to try or be reminded of ideas we've used in the past that worked well. Our goal is to take all of these great ideas and extend student learning and metacognition.

Best Practices Spotted in the Month of December

Mixing It Up - Courtesy of Lisa F.

Real World Application - Courtesy of Heather D.

Reminders and Resources

Instructional Resources by Grade Level

Select your content area and grade band to find resources that support your lessons: (specific videos, websites, text, quiz practice, etc)