Baggage Discrepancies

By Elijah Bainbridge

In baggage handling there are 3 main jobs these are:

1. Moving the bags from the check in to the departure gate.

2. Moving the bags from one gate to another during a transfer flight.

3. Moving bags from the arrival gate to the baggage belt.

With the fast paced baggage system comes with quite a few mistakes a few of these are:
1. Missing bag (AHL)

whenever a bag is found with out an owner, normally because it has been loaded on board a different flight than the passenger it belongs to, it can then be registered as on-hand baggage.

If a passenger discovers that she has a missing bag then they will then go to a baggage service officer or a customer service desk. when there they are there they will then fill in the corresponding form to go with the missing bag. After that they will then have their personal barcode scanned then the customer service agent will then try and locate where the bag is by using a program called World Tracer.

2.Damaged (DPR)

When a bag gets damaged by an airline it will not always lead to a a claim for maybe a new one. If the bag only has scratches, marks and dents on it as the airline wont be held relible for it.

If your bag does get damaged thenyou have to go to customers service and fill in a report form and will be told from there either where their bag is or whats happened to it.

Only if the bag is beyond repair and the customer is a UK resident then you can either accept the chosen replacement picked out by the airline, or they can choose one out of a catologue and it will get delivered to you.