*Welcome to Sugar Flakes Country*

by contessa nguyen


have you heard of sugar Flakes country! no? Well its one of the most peaceful fun country there is!! cupcakes citizens walking around, smiling and laughing! Why should you want it, you may ask? Well You should want it because this sweet country is very peaceful, no war, everyone has a great happy life, no sadness no anger, just happiness!!!


The one in charge is the president, Noms cupcake!

People are paid by getting jobs of whatever they want to be, after doing their jobs they receive peppermint money, each peppermint is a dollar while buttons are fifty cents, and butter scotches are 10 dollars. they use the candy money to buy food clothing or anything in a normal grocery/ clothing/ shoe/ etc store. its like any other place, job, getting paid to work, get money!


...csant find a video.


People may say its too happy or they will say that one day we might run out of food as we keep giving them away to everyone But we would want everyone to be happy, we dont like seeing people cry or be angry! Also that... if we run out of food. We can always eat the sugar people! they are edible, so no one gets hungry but that wont happennn, we have plenty of food for everyone. a plenty of food, enough that no one eat each other...


So this country Is a very safe and happy place