Pre-K Newsletter

What's Happening in Pre-K

Hello Pre-K Families

This week is sure to be a fun week. After spending last week learning about spiders this week we will move on and figure out frogs! So let's jump through the week!

Week at a glance



Wednesday-Field Trip


Friday-Show and Tell Letter W

Wednesday Field Trip


I have the following chaperones cleared to attend the field trip Wednesday.

Angie Frey

Anna Weiler

Andy Myers

Vicky Byrd

Alysha Myers

Carolyn Lindholm

Tara Lindholm

Michelle Newlean

We are scheduled to be at the Museum at 9:30 so let's plan to meet here at 9:10 and leave the school by 9:20. We will make sure and pack our backpacks and take them with us as you can leave after the field trip which ends at 11:30 (I don't think they will notice class went longer). Thank you parents!!

God's Time

We are making our own music, singing a tune, and singing our prayers to the Lord! Be prepared to sing along at home! :)

Language Arts

This weeks letter is W. We will continue to practice our writing letters, letter sounds, and reading our little books!


Counting our jumping frogs, pattern work, and measurements.


Museum Fun!!!!