Clive Spring Conferences

Clive Learning Academy | February 10, 2021

Virtual conferences March 2,4,8 graphic

It is hard to believe that we are already at the point in the 2020-21 school year where we are planning our spring conferences. We received positive feedback regarding our fall virtual conferences, so we look forward to repeating the process for our spring conferences.

Virtual Conferences Overview

We will be holding virtual conferences Wednesday, March 3, Thursday, March 4, and Monday, March 8 for on-site students. After school conference times are available both Thursday and the following Monday. In addition, we will have conferences all day on Wednesday, March 3. This means we will have ALL ON-SITE STUDENTS learn online that day. This decision was made to help teachers have time to schedule video or phone conferences throughout the entire day.

Virtual Dates:

  • March 3 (all day)
  • March 4 (evening)
  • March 8 (evening)

We look forward to connecting with you through our spring conferences. Please remember you can always reach out to your student’s teachers any time you have questions about your student’s learning.

Shelly Pospeshil

Independent, At-Home Learning Day Details: Wednesday, March 3

Conference Details

Do I Need to Sign Up To Speak to All of My Student’s Teachers?

We encourage you to sign up to speak with your student's classroom teacher.

How Long Will Each Conference Take?

Individual teacher conferences are scheduled for 15 minutes.

How Can I Sign Up for Conferences?

Step 1: Go to and enter the school code w5nec.

Step 2: Enter your full name (designate one parent to register), email address, phone number, preferred conference style (phone call or google meet/zoom), and your student’s full name(s).

  • Your email address is used to send you your conference time.

  • Select the number of students you want to book conferences for, and fill in their names.

  • Press the green “Go” button to go on to the next page.

Step 3: Select the grade and homeroom teacher for your child/children.

  • Press the green “Go” button to go on to the next page.

Step 4: Choose a time for each teacher. Each conference is 20 minutes long.

To choose conference times, click the checkboxes underneath the time.

  • Missing checkboxes mean that time has already been booked by someone else.

  • Press the green “Go” button to confirm your conferences.

Step 5: To exit the program click “Finished.”

  • If you would like to change your selection click “reschedule Conference.”

  • If you decide to reschedule your conference at a later time, simploy log back in to, enter the access code and click on your name. It will pull up your confirmation page with the option of rescheduling or cancelling.

If you are unable to register online, please call the school at 633-5800.

Your child’s homeroom teacher or a school employee will assist in scheduling your conference time.

What If I Need An In-Person Conference?

Due to COVID-19 and the timing of conferences, we are unable to offer in-person conferences.

Do I need a Google account to participate in a virtual video conference?

Yes. Please click HERE to view how to set up a Google account if you do not already have one. A Google account is NOT needed for phone conferences.