Teaching from Rest

A 4-part book study for home educating moms

REST begins with SURRENDER.

Most of us are still in the grammar stage of home educating. Many of our homes are not filled with a sense of REST in HIS provision...at least I know I struggle with this.

We are STILL discovering the learning styles of our students, STILL breaking in curriculum, STILL trying to balance the dishes in the sink with loving our husbands well, STILL trying to grasp for quiet moments for ourselves, STILL wondering if we are doing enough (or not enough), STILL praying for patience, STILL serving our home churches effectively, STILL continuing to further our own education, STILL trying to do it all.

Have you ever truly thought about what it is HE wants for us?

What HE wants for our kids?

What HE wants for our husbands?

What HE wants for our homes?

Tuesday, April 26th, 7pm

1840 Slaughter Road

Madison, AL

Please RSVP to Stacey @ ccinmadison@gmail.com

Final meeting at 7 PM on:

May 17th