Weekly Update for 9-22-19

Joan MacQueen Middle School

Principal Message

Dear JMMS Families,

It was a good week at Joan MacQueen! I am proud of the work our team is doing to create a school where every student has a champion. Below are some reflections from my last 20 years in middle school education:

  1. Teen's frontal lobes are not fully developed and they don't always make the connection between cause and effect. So when you ask a teen what they are thinking and they say, "I don't know". That is usually the truth, they are not making connections.
  2. It is also important to note that a teenager observes their world from a specific point of view and other people can look at the same observation and walk away with an entirely different reaction. At school, we continue to work with students to walk in each other's shoes or develop a sense of empathy. We want them to ask themselves, "How do my actions affect me and those around me?".

Those two observations allow students to make mistakes in middle school with consequences that will not ruin their lives. The most important things that students will take away from middle school are work ethic and communication skills. The effect of work ethic is outlined in this article from ACT and the importance of communication is outlined in this Forbes article.

As a parent, it is our job to support our children learning how to deal with failure and find their voice and work ethic. What we should avoid, is our desire to remove all of the obstacles from our children, those obstacles build character.

Next week is kindness week and we will be riding our wave of kindness Monday thru Friday. Board shorts and Hawaiian wear is always in fashion, Mahalo.

Our first fundraiser begins next week with 100% of the proceeds going to support grade-level field trips this year.

6th Grade Camp

7th Grade Medieval Times

8th Grade Riley Farms

Lastly, our online store for school gear is closing soon so please reach out and purchase your spirit wear ASAP. Use this link to get to the store.


Casey Currigan, Principal JMMS