Access Consciousness

Positional HEPADS Body Class

Is it possible to have the joy of living in a pain free body?

Strange name for a class...Positional Hepads isn't it?
Welcome to the wonderful wacky world of Access :)
This is an energetic hands on body process that can undo pain in the body!
No aspirin or pain killers required!
How does it get any better than that?

Sunday Jan. 19th~ 12pm-4pm

In this class you will see that for every fixed point of view that you have,
in order to do that, you must cut off awareness!
Positional Hepads are a position you took about any subject, and then you start to
handicap yourself about what can occur!
There are 5 elements of what occurs every time you take a position about anything!
You will learn what these 5 elements are!

Class investment: $50.

Class Location~Access Your Joy Body Studio, 15418 Hwy. 507, Yelm, Wa. 98597

All of Life Comes To Us With Ease, Joy, and Glory!

Any questions feel free to contact me!
Certified Access Bars and Body Facilitator