Got Cloth Diapers?

Advantages, Disadvantages and Expenses

Cloth Diapers Are Safer For A Baby.

A disposable diaper has chemicals inside them and cause diaper rashes. When using a cloth diaper it reduces the chance of your baby getting a diaper rash. In addition, disposable diapers contain harsh chemicals such as Tributyl-tin. This can lead to hormonal problems in humans and animals. In disposable diapers there are also traces of Dioxin, which is cancer linked. Moreover, it can cause Asthma. In disposable diapers there are fragrances that can cause headaches as well. Who wants their child to be unhealthy by the first month of birth? Luckily, cloth diapers do not contain any of these harsh products. Cloth diapers are the safest way to go.
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The Myth

People tend to misjudge the use of cloth diapers. When parents hear about cloth diapers they think of folding, pinning, plastic covers and a hassle. Cloth diapers have come a long way. The truth is, most cloth diapers are more convenient and work better then disposable diapers. The cloth diapers now come with styles and have elastics around the waist, to reduce spillage. Moreover, disposable diapers give children the feeling of dryness and the child doesn't know when they have to go to the bathroom. Thus, making it harder to potty train, but with cloth diapers it is much easier. With cloth diapers it leaves the parent with less stress and the baby happier and cleaner.
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The Cost

One main concern with diapers is the cost. Most disposable diapers range in price from $50- $80. On the other hand, cloth diapers range in price from $25 - $60. That is a difference of around $20. You may think that is not a lot, but when a neonate needs a diaper change around 10 times a day, you may rethink this. Over the course of the neonatal month to potty training time, the average amount of money spent on disposable diapers is $2,000-$3,000. Cloth diapers only cost around $100- $300 from the neonatal stage to potty training time.
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The Environment

Cloth diapers are more eco- friendly. They are cleaned and reused. Although cloth diapers uses water to wash, it does not harm the environment as much as disposable diapers do. 92% of single used diapers end up in landfill. In addition, disposable diapers are the third largest single consumer item in landfill. Do you really want to contribute to that? If parents began to use cloth diapers the environment and the world itself could become an even better place.
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It Is Easy To Put On

In the video below, it shows the types of cloth diapers, explains how to put them on and all the neccesities with it. This video is important to watch as a new parent, so the diapers go on correctly and there are no "accidents."
Cloth Diapering 101 (part 1 of 7)

Any More Questions?

Visit this site below if you have any more questions regarding cloth diapers. On this website it will explain just how more conveintant, healthier, and safer cloth diapers are compared to disposable diapers.

Madison V. Class 7