2015 Year in Review

Saron Yitagesu

three companies that marketed themselves best?

Adidas- Adidas marketed their company really well in 2015, they came out with new line clothing that is trending in urban outfitters and more stores, and also they came out with new balance superstars shoes that became quite popular even worn by Celebrities.

Alex and Ani- Alex and ani became really popular this year, it is a Jewelry line and it comes in gold, silver, and other material. It also comes in millions of charms , and each charm signifies something. They became extremely popular and almost every teen and their moms have them.

Vineyard Vines- this company Vine yard Vines became very popular this year. Vineyard Vines is a clothing line that sell mostly sweaters, jackets, and hats. It is worn by a lot of teenagers and adults too, even tho it is quite on the pricey side it is still cute comfy , and simple. It comes in different fun pastel, and neon colors and is worn all year long espically summer.

Best 2 products of 2015

selfie sticks

Hover boards

Worst 2 Products of 2015

Iphone 6 +

Apple watc

Top 2 best movies of 2015 and how they were marketed

In my opinion minions was one of the best movies in 2015, it was made so children and adults can watch it and enjoy it together. They were marketed well because the movie was based on a popular movie called "despicable me" since that movies was fantastic, and there are characters that came out of this movie, people thought it was just going to be as great.

Inside out is anther best movie in 2015, i think the marketed really good because this movies story is different and non like others. now days movies are getting similar but this movie was different and interesting so that made people want to see it.

Top 2 Musical Artists in 2015

Fetty Wap was definalty a top breaking artist in 2015. He is a hip hop artist that first became popular with his song called "my way" through out 2015 he has been winning a lot of awards for new breaking artist.

Bryson Tiller is another breaking artist in 2015, he is an R&B, and hippo artist. He became known with his song "don't" and usually sings about relationships. His album "trap soul" stayed in I tunes top 5 for a long time"

Top Ten Best songs f 2015

1) Hello -Adele

2)love me like you do-Ellie Goulding

3)Elastic Heart-Sia

4)See you again-Wiz Khalifa

5)I really like you- Carly Rae Jepsen


New years resoultion

personal improvement: to go out more and no stay home watching movies

Friends and family: treat everyone around me better and make everyone happy

school and outside world: focus in school and get good grades,and join a lot of activities