Technology News

Tech PD on Thursday 3:15pm @ 5/6C room

What's on this Thursday?

Socrative - The app to make quizzing students quick and easy. Create multiple choice and short answer quizzes. Students only need to type in your room number and then answer the questions. Results are emailed to you in Excel format. Come along and see it in action and then have a go at making your own.

Websites - A focus on Literacy

Big Scrub Literacy

This site has a stack of high quality resources. There are plenty of NAPLAN Literacy Assessment, Programming and NST and Accreditation resources. The only catch is you will need to use Internet Explorer as your browser to navigate around the site.

The Literacy Shed

This site has a wealth of visual resources that can be used to support literacy teaching in your classroom. Videos, animations and ebooks are collated into themes and many come with example questions and activities to support them.


The Engage website is a current affairs site for students. Here is a direct link to a section specifically focused on expository texts. Examples are provided with worksheets to explore language features, develop rebuttals and elaborate on provided content. Well worth a look Stage 2 and 3 teachers.

Not So Far Away...

An engaging website with resources galore on teaching persuasive texts. Activity ideas on modality, structure, developing arguments and complex sentences. Activities are based around the theme of fairytales.

Apps to try in Literacy

Want to know more?

Got a question? Got a great website/app to share? Want some help with something specific? Send me an email and I will schedule it in to one of our afternoon sessions.