Global Warming is Bad!

By Mason Guthrie

What is it?

"What is global warming, you may ask?" Global warmin ( it is also known as the green house effect ) is bad. It happens when the earth starts to heat up. Iceburgs and glaciers will melt raising the water level. Global warming is mainly caused by human actions like driving (Car exhaust). There are many ways to stop it though.

Water Rise

The average sea level rose about 7 inches in the past decade, global warming helped contribute to the sea level rise(Britannica). Global Warming melted chunks out of glaciers that rose the water. The recent rise of the water will erode the land making the land smaller then it is. Global warming is also starting make make beaches smaller and that means less fun on the beach!

How it effects animals

Global warming is happening so fast some animals won't have time to adapt to the recent rise in tempeture. Some of the animals will go extinct if they don't adapt in time. Desert animals will have to adapt to even hotter tempetures. Animals who live in the tundra will have to adapt to even hotter tempetures

What threats does it cause?

Researchers have linked global warming to a potenially number of dangerous threats(Mastendrea). Some of those are tornados, tsunamis, and floods. Any of these threats could happen any time right now. The icebergs that are melting causes floods and tsunamis. The increase in tempeture is creating a higher chance of a tornado.

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Not all human activities cause it.

Not all human activities cause global warming, Some actually cool the earth(Britannica). For example tiny particles called arseosals enter the earths atmosphere through car exhaust and factory smoke. The arseosals block the Suns rays to keep the earths crust cool. The arseosals do an okay job ,but they don't block enough of the Suns rays so global warming still happens

A conclusion

Global warming is very bad. It happens when the earth gets hotter. A lot of bad things happen when the earth gets hotter. It's tough on every one even animals. The icebergs and glaciers start to melt ,but if we all work tougther we can slow or even stop Global Warming!


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