So You Think You Know?

Lets find out!

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The Quiz @ your briefing

When :

From 13th to 17th March.

Where :

@ your departmental briefing

How long :

15 minutes

*Please get back to L&D with the preferred time before 29th February.

Get ready for Product Knowledge Competition starting March 2016!!!

This will be a Quarterly Contest and the following departments will team up to compete against each other:

1. Culinary + Stewarding

2. Engineering + Agronomy

3. Front Office + H.K

4. H.R + Finance + I.T

5. Ranches + Birdies + Banquets

6. Golf Operations + Golf Instruction

7. S&M + Events + Management Office

Rules of the game

  • Teams to book time with L&D by 29th February
  • L&D will come into the Departmental meeting/line up and ask 10 questions.
  • Each correct answer will get you 10 points and the total will reflect on the Dashboard.
  • Questions will be based on the P2P Product Knowledge Updates , Cafeteria Table talkers and ARGC Fact Sheet.
  • 40% of questions will be department specific.

Recognition & Reward

  • Each quarter the winning team will be recognized in the General Session.
  • At the end of the year, the winning team of each quarter will compete with each other for the “Smartest Team@ARGC” title

Tips & Hints :