Lascaux Times

By Brandon, Elise, Itzel , and Adrienne

The Discovery!

They have discovered many interesting things in the Lascaux caves. Did you know that

scientists have mistakenly thought that a prehistoric animal was a deer. The prehistoric animal was called a Megalacores. They found this animal in one of the painting. This proves that these people were around during the prehistoric times. Also in addition the Magdalenian people were around during the prehistoric times . They have discovered prehistoric star charts in some of the cave paintings. Lastley scientests have found that the magdalenian People were around during the ice age. Scientests have found sabor toothed tigers and a few more prehistoric animals such as the megalacores. As you can see there are very interesting things people have found in the Lascaux caves.

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Who Made Them

The Lascaux cave if full of art made by the Magdalenian people, but not a lot of people know about them. The Magdalenian believed in a religion over 12,000 years ago. They also came from western Europe and lived in caves or rock shelters. They recently found a Magdalenian girl in Europe. Finally, they were the first to use spears and traps. They hunted fish and reindeer for fun and food. Now you know about the Magdalenian people.

The Caves Were Closed!

While many visitors wanted to visit the famous caves, they were shut down due to threats.

Did you know, the cave was opened in 1948 for the public? Lots of people were able to go in the caves and see the paintings. Unfortunately, the caves were closed in 963 due to the carbon dioxide, heat , and humidity from the visitors. The 1,200 people created carbon dioxide from breathing out that damaged the caves. Lastly, the public’s carbon dioxide created lichen in 1955 and a new air conditioner created black fungus. Only a few scientists could go in the caves and Lascaux iII, a replica was created for the public. In conclusion, these are the threats to the caves and the reasons they were closed.

The First Hall Found!

The Axial Gallery is, by far, the most interesting hall. Did you know, the Axial Gallery was the first hall discovered? It’s interesting because the discoverers didn’t know what to expect, so they were the most awed at the first paintings, including the Locality of the Upside-down Horse. The Axial Gallery is 72 ft. long. That’s the size of 6C combined! Lastly, the hall holds the Great Black Bull, the 3 Chinese Horses, the Falling Cow, the Fleeing Horses, and the Locality of the Upside-down horse. Now you know why the Axial Gallery is the the most interesting hall.