Rylee McKinney

FCEDS (teacher licensure)

I Joined FCEDS Because.....

1) I love people. I like helping people, getting to know people, and just socializing.

2) I like the fact that this career path offers many opportunities.

3) I enjoy being creative and being good at more than one thing.

My Career Goals:

After college I would like to pursue my other dream of becoming a pilot. After I get my degree I will be eligible to become an officer in the Air Force. I would like to fly for the military and then commercially as well. Once I settle down and start a family of my own I would like to fulfill my other dream of becoming an FCEDS teacher in the state of Montana or Washington.

About Me:

I have been to 15 different countries and lived in Germany for four years.

I love eating, sleeping, romantic comedies, and going on adventures outdoors.