The Monday Minute

February 22, 2021

Our office has several copies of AMLE's most recent edition of This We Believe, entitled The Successful Middle School. In anticipation of an upcoming webinar series AMLE is hosting on the book, we will award copies to middle level educators who send the top success stories for us to share in our newsletters. (The webinar series is free to AMLE members.) What would you consider some of your greatest accomplishments since March 13, 2020? The sooner the better, but we will not limit it to one week. Bonus points if you include photos! Please send your stories to Susie Highley

You can find a link to the one-page summary of the main points of the new edition (shown below) here.

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Voice Notes and Feedback Using Mote in Google
I recently attended a webinar that included the CEO of KNOWT, an application that uses Artificial Intelligence to convert notes or other materials into multiple kinds of questions. A group of students actually started creating this while they were in high school, and now have angel investors! There is a teacher dashboard that integrates with some LMS's. The website has several videos explaining the multitude of ways it can be used.

Giving students feedback is important, and Mote makes it much easier! Mote is a chrome extension that allows you to leave voice comments/feedback in Docs, Slides, and Forms. I've seen many teachers comment on being able now to insert recorded audio directly into Google Slides. You can also create a Motepad to save links to reuse recorded audio.


Gilder Lehrman started offering free "pop up" history classes for K-12 students last spring; they were so successful, that they have continued them each semester. The new Spring "History School" begins in March. They have an official relationship with the producers of Hamilton, which is integrated into some of the classes. Classes are evenings & Saturdays; feel free to share with your students!


Many of you may already follow Edutopia, and they often have useful information. In the past couple weeks, I have found these articles to include some new (to me) ideas and resources that might prove useful to you as well. (Just click the buttons to access the articles.)

Things should not be "business as usual" when students return full-time. Give yourself credit: you've learned a lot and worked hard! How should the things we've learned be applied, and let's try to move away from the idea of "deficit thinking."


Ideas to build relationships include Passion Boards to continuously share good news, Scavenger Hunts, Watch Parties, Digital Storybooks, and "Myself as GIF." (Using Goose Chase for the scavenger hunt idea might require a paid account.)

Crowdsourcing More Relationship Ideas

Speaking of relationship building, ASCD asked teachers for their success stories via Twitter, resulting in this curated, crowd-sourced list. You can also see the original tweet and responses here.

Learning Opportunities (all times EST, Free Unless Noted)

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