The water in the air!

cloud and precipitation types

Wild Weather

Do you just think their is two types of clouds the puffy ones when you look up into the sky and try to make animals and those dark rainy clouds. Really their is much more, and their doing many things like that light drizzle or those crazy thunderstorms. It can be a nice day or maybe it could be so serious it could make you die! Its CRAZY right!

Types of Precipitation

Their are many types of precipitations for example there is rain,sleet,snow and hail!


Rushing Rain

You think those rain drops are the worst thing in the world but actually they are really cool! Rain is the most common type of precipitation! It mostly falls from nimbostratus,altostratus and cumulonimbus. did you think rain was in the shape of a tear well your like most people but its really shaped like a hamburger bun! Rain appears from 32° and up. Thats why I love rain!

How Rain Forms

During evaporation the water on the ground turns to water vapor then it rises then the water turns back to water in condensation They form clouds in the water droplets collide and get bigger and bigger. When saturation happens the clouds get to full and the water falls.


Tis The Season To Love The Snow!

There are two types of snow one kind is wet snow that is great for snowball fights and making the biggest snowman. But the ''powder'' is good for skiing and snowboarding. Rain turns to snow 32° or lower that is CHILLY!

How Snow Forms!

So you know how rain forms, snow is kind of the same. But in the clouds it under 32°F or under.So they are ice crystals. Wet snow happens when big clumps of snow stick together. Powder snow happens when the snow is small and doesn't stick!

Super Sleet

When you think of sleet you think of those tiny pebbles falling from the sky well your right! What happens is it starts out as rain but then it goes through a freezing layer up in the atmosphere and it freezes right before it hits the ground. This happens between 30° and 40°. so watch out for those ''pebbles'' falling from the sky!

Help.... Hail!!!!

Watch out! You do not want to get into a hailsorm. What happens is they begin in clouds as ice crystals but then they start to get layers and can get as big as softball! This happens between 30 and 40 degrees. So watch out for those hurling hailstones!


Calm Cirrus

Watch out its a cirrus cloud that means a storms coming. It is the highest cloud off the ground its about 12000 meters and up.Thats high right! Cirro means curl in latin that explains it those are those wispy, curly see through clouds. So watch out for a Cirrus cloud there might be a storm coming!

Crazy Cumulonimbus

Do you hate those crazy thunderstorms? It's probably coming from a cumulonimbus. a Cumulonimbus looks like a large, dark bellowing mushroom. It's about 1500 to 15000 meters high in our troposphere. Nimbus means rain in latin so watch out for a cumulonimbus!

Cotton Ball Cumulus

Do you love those poofy clouds and trying to make animals? You are probably looking at a cumulus cloud Its about 15000 to 6000 meters up in the troposphere. They look like white cotton candy or white cotton balls! When you see these clouds its usually sunny.You think it looks like a pile of cotton well your right! cumulo means pile in latin! If your looking for a nice day for the beach hope for some Cumulus clouds!

Snowy Stratus!

So you no those foggy days the fog is a Stratus cloud. They can stretch from 0 to 1500 meters up. They are those grey small layers of clouds and guess what Stratus means layered! In this layer you may have rain or snow! So if your hoping for a snow day look for some grey layered Stratus clouds!

How Precipitation Effects Your Life!

Weather can effect your life in many ways for example from rain or snow it can change your daily activities, it can cause power outages no school because of snow or hail. Or it could even get as serious as death or injuries from hail or snow. So watch out for that crazy weather coming your way!

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