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In this March 2017 issue:

Pi Day --- Google Slides --- COAST with us --- Device Updates --- and Student Account Info!


Pi Day is tomorrow!

Edutopia is always a smart stop for lesson ideas. Check out their seven ideas for Pi day here! (website)


Want to freshen up Google Slides?

Try some creative (and free) templates!

Both of the sites below (Slides Carnival and MacFadden) have free templates. You basically open them and make your own copy (FILE---MAKE A COPY) then you are ready to edit and create. Suggestions:

* Preview and give students a few options, rather than setting them loose on the template sites. We want their time spent creating content, not browsing templates.

* Consider attaching a few templates to a Google Classroom assignment (add the templates to a folder on your drive so you don't have to keep going back to the template site to get them)

* Remember that Google Slides can be more that just a lecture style presentation. Think of it as a book or spiral notebook. Use Slides for notetaking, reflecting on learning, or keeping content organized. They call this "hacking Google Slides" and it is good to think outside the box.


Surf's Up on the COAST PD Wave!

Check this out! If you haven't already explored our COAST game, keep your eye out for our district-wide launch in the next couple weeks. It's Collaborative. It's Online. It's Activity-based. It's Self-paced. And it's Technology Training just for you with a fun twist!

Earn badges and prizes as you learn and practice ways to use technology in your classroom. Watch our next newsletter to see who has won prizes and is on the leader board! (want a sneak peek? Ask your site tech leader...)


Student Device Updates

Need to update an iPad app on a student device?

The apps update automatically, but sometimes you want the update right away. (Google Docs and Slides has had a bit of a tantrum in this regard--- read on because this is the solution!)

Go to CATALOG and find the app.

It should say INSTALLED next to it.

Tap on INSTALLED and it will force the app to reload, catching the update.


Restart your Chromebooks---Update your iPads!

Do you have devices in your classroom? iPads, Chromebooks, netbooks etc? They work best when they are used often and check it with the internet to get updates. So, if you have had your devices in the cart for awhile, get the tech out! Get your students using it!

The most important reason is that student will benefit, but it also allows apps and systems to update to the latest version, good for functionality and security.

STUDENT (AND TEACHER) iPADS: In the SETTINGS app, please update your iOS to 10.2.1, the latest version. DO NOT choose "update tonight" because wifi is off at the time when the iPad tries to check in. If you aren't sure if you can update, check the Technology department page and look for the thumbs up block to be sure.

CHROMEBOOKS: Shut them down (like, all the way shut down-- sign out, then click SHUT DOWN in the bottom right) at least once a week, if not everyday. The chromebook will update when it restarts the next day. You won't even notice.


Account Info for New Students!!

Great news! No ticket, no phone call, no email required! Almost all accounts are created through automation THE NIGHT AFTER the student spends their first day on your roster in Q.

Pearson Realize (K-5), Google accounts (@hsdschools.org) , Moby Max, Typing Club, Accelerated Reader, Raz Kids/Learning A-Z, Clever login--- Yup! All the things! Created automatically for day two.

And, you can get their Google Password yourself in Q. Learn how to get student Google Account info in Q from the Staff Resources section on the district homepage. Holy website, Batman, that is so cool! No more waiting for anyone-- you can conveniently access that password info where ever you are, when you need it.


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