Ko Taranaki te mounga

Ko Huatoki te awa

Ko Tokomaru te waka

Ko Te Atiawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Te Whiti te hapū

Ko te Kura o Huatoki te kura.

Ko Taranaki, ko Huatoki, ko Paetoki oku tīma

Tihei mauri ora!

SCHOOL GOAL: Staying Calm

  • Imagine your favorite place - it’s like taking a mini vacation wherever you are

  • Think of your favorite things

  • Name animals alphabetically (alligator, bear, cow, dog, etc…)

  • Squeeze Something (play dough, clay, silly putty, your fists, a stress ball)

  • Get a Cold Drink of Water

  • Give yourself a hug - squeeze tight!

  • Remember the words to a song you love

TRY STAR BREATHING (see the picture):

Things to say

  • Breathe in like you are smelling a flower, breathe out like you are blowing out birthday candles

  • Arms up and breathe in, arms down and breathe out

  • Pretend your belly is a balloon. Breathe in and make the balloon bigger, then breathe out and make the balloon shrink.


Kia ora koutou to our Vogeltown whanau,

Now that we are able to open the school under level 3 restrictions, we thought it was time to get some 'normalcy' in to school with our 'normal' newsletter.

This newsletter is a summation of what has been happening at Vogeltown this last week.

On Tuesday of this week we had a 'Teacher Only Day'. We made sure we got together as a staff in a staggered way - each syndicate met with Mr George and myself at timetabled times. It was great to catch up socially, share some laughs and stories and go over the details around school opening under level 3 restrictions.

It was such a weird feeling to have so few of our students on site and the grounds certainly look bare, with seven students outside at a time during their breaks. This is the first of many small steps towards being able to fully reopen and have all our students back at school...a day we are very much looking forward too! A big thanks to our 'on site' teaching team for their mahi.

A massive thanks to the Vogeltown teaching team! They have been amazing in their dedication to 'temporary remote learning' and supporting our families. I am extremely proud of their attitude during these interesting times. A lot of planning is going on behind the scenes to keep the online learning up to Vogeltown School expectations and planning for our return to school.

A big thanks to all our parents/caregivers at this time. We realise what a massive effort it is to have the kids at home and attempting to complete online learning. Please do not stress if the kids do not get all the work completed - we want you to be happy and the kids to be happy. We will take over once we are back.

Thanks also for sticking to the lockdown rules - as a country, we have done really well! We need to continue to stick to the alert rules so we can get back to 'normal' as soon as we can.

On Monday 11th May the government will make a decision about moving form level 3 to level 2. We are not sure what level 2 will look like at Vogeltown - once we know, we will be sending all our families a safety plan of this will look at school. Level 2 still has some social distancing that has to be maintained at school.


A big thanks to the parents/caregivers who booked in a learning conference whilst on lockdown last week. It was great to hear such positive responses around the 'Progress reports' we sent out the week before and feedback about our online learning programme.

As always with learning conferences, we want to get 100% attendance to these. Because of the lockdown and family circumstances, we were only able to manage about 50%. Once we are back at school we will endeavour to have another catch up afternoon/evening for parents/caregivers to catch up with your child's teacher.


This is a new section to our newsletters!

These Vogeltown students had 53 Vogeltown birthdays over the T1 holiday and Level 4 lockdown break! Happy birthday to these Vogeltowners -

March Birthdays:

Ella Ansell, Tanae Beer-Rauner, Sapphire Borell, Liam Christensen, Lilly Cowan, Emma Flay, Zoey Flay, Quinn Hall, Millie Hodson, Josh Lonsdale, Emily Lowry, Tawhe Patene, Amyra Pearson, Rory Rathgen, Eli Rawhiti, Ruuana Repia, Rinto Shimada, Lukas Shotter, Skilah-Tess Stevens, Cooper Stockman-Geyde, Orion walker, Mia Wnorowski, Joe Zimmerman.

April Birthdays:

Naufal Zulheiry, Mason Brough, Wairua Rangiwai, Charlie Collins, Tai Ransfield, Benji Darth, Lacey Pitcairn, Tempest Parker, Jaxon Smith, Khloe Briscoe, Guan Ip, Otto Foltz, Charlotte Bailey, Meila McAnelly, Chace Tiplady, Cherish Whareaorere, Tane Repia, Ivy Read, Bianca Corbett-Howcroft, Annalisa Tupou, Shaykhan Tito, Tangaroa Roberts, Jaxyn Fox, Thomas Flitcroft, Liam Wildbore, Riagan woods, Willow Wiringi, Cayden Baker, Madisyn Baker, Oli Treadway


Also, Happy Birthday to Mrs Irving who had her birthday on the 4th of April!



Lockdown is red because it makes me angry.

It tastes like chocolate from the pantry.

It smells like scented candles.

It looks like a ghost town.

It sounds like dads power tools.

It feels sad but I am protected.

By Kanin Room 8

Writing - going on a Bear hunt! Amber Williams

Big picture

Lockdown surprise - Oli Treadway

Day one of lockdown, my dad has a surprise for me.

We walk down the garage and boom! There is heaps of wood to build a little kicker ( a jump) we get started right away. After day one we got the main frame of the jump built. Day two, we start adding on the top of the ramp. Finally we are finished. I started riding it but I'm scared to ride off the top, so for the next day I'm only riding off at the very bottom corner of the jump. Day two of riding I'm now riding off at the fourth screw. Day 3 of riding I'm at my mum's house today and riding off the very top of my jump. Day four of riding the jump today I snapped both my pedals in half so now I have to ride my scooter on my jump and as a bonus I landed my first tailwhip on my scooter!!!!

It’s been used alot. And I can’t wait to get new pedals for my bmx. As soon as lockdown finishes.

'SENSE' Poems!


Coronavirus is red and scary like a big cut.
It tastes like metal.
It smells like fish heads.
It looks like an old rusty crown.
It sounds like a siren from an ambulance.
It feels like total agony.

Jett Hay


It is bright and warm and tastes like chocolate.
It smells like pastry and looks like fire.
The sound is like tapping pens and it makes me feel happy.

Theo Miners

Writing - My Dog Sarge! Marley Taylor

Big picture


TERM CALENDAR – Put all these dates in your diary or your phone!
Remember to check the school calendar on our website. We will put all updates on Facebook &

the website. Link to school calendar: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/calendar/


15 April Term 2 begins (note change of date due to Covid-19)

27 April ANZAC day

28 April Teacher Only Day

29 April School open under level 3 restrictions


14 May Whanau Gumboot throw prelims

15 May Whanau Gumboot throw finals


1 June Queen's Birthday (School closed)

4 June Dad's and Lads breakfast (TBA)

5 June Life Education at school (here till 12 June)

17 June Whanau Tug 'o' war prelims

19 June Whanau Tug 'o' war final

19 June Four Year Old Friday (9-11am)

24 June Starting school the VS way (5.30pm - 6.30pm)

26 June Vogeltowner Assembly 2pm


1 July Vogeltown School birthday

3 July Last day of Term 2


1) The school grounds are closed. We are only using the senior site for learning currently. If you need to come on to the senior site, please wait at the gate, ring the school cell number and we will come to meet you.

2) Remember to wash those hands and stay within your extended bubble during Alert level 3.

Term Dates 2020 - Note changes due to Covid-19

Term 1

Monday 3 February - Friday 27 March

20 March - Teacher Only Day

Term 2

Wednesday 15 April - Friday 3 July

27 April - ANZAC Day

28 April TOD

1 June - Queen's Birthday

Term 3

Monday 20 July - Friday 25 September

31 July - Teacher Only Day

Term 4

Monday 12 October - Tuesday 15 December

26 October - Labour Day

Thanks whanau

Have an awesome weekend whanau! Keep safe! Look after each other, look out for each other and show the Vogeltown values of respect and kindness!

On behalf of the Vogeltown team,

Ka kite ano

Jeremy Ogle - Principal