Joan of Arc

by : yoana hernandez w-5

1412, - may 30 ,1431

On May 30 , Joan of Arc was executed by burning because it was said that she was under the influence of the ''The Evil one '' Joan of Arc was know as the '' Maid of Orleans ", born in Domremy , France to Jacques , Isabelle d'Arc her siblings Pierre, Jacquemin ,Catherine , Jean d'Arc . She was an extravagant woman who was very strong in her faith . she felt very strongly about her country , France and said that God was telling her to save it many people tried to stop her but she knew that it was the right thing to do. Eventually, many people began to encourage her in her mission. At only 18 years old, Joan of Arc marched with many other soldiers to Orleans. She was very successful in her battles with France against the English in the Hundred Years War. Her mission finally finished but she took place in the attack on the army of the Duke of Burgundy where she was captured.

Joan of Arc spent a year in prison until she was charged with sorcery and brought to court. Though, in court she pleaded her innocence to the judges, saying that God was always with her, she was sentenced to be burned at the stake.
Although Joan of Arc is now gone, many people have realized that she was completely innocent. Even as she was about to be burned, she asked that a cross be made for her to hold through the process. Though her death was unfair, many lessons have been learned from it and is a major part of France's history.

'' I am not afraid... I was born to do this.''