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Lowcountry Giving Day

Donations now open until 12pm tomorrow!

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Where is your donation going?!

How well do you focus when you haven't had a good nights sleep, you couldn't eat breakfast or lunch, or you didn't have time to take a shower?

If you're anything like us, it's not easy to get through the day successfully without your basic needs being met (i.e food, sleep, supplies, good hygiene). Imagine being 6 or 7 and not having your basic needs met- every day.

Together we can provide a way for students in low-resourced schools to have their basic needs met in a discreet, respectful way through our Basic Needs Rooms! Learn more about why these rooms are important below!

Here's Why YOU should consider donating to our Basic Need's Closet:

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What is Lowcountry Giving Day?

Lowcountry Giving Day is your chance to make an impact with your presence and your support. On this day, the coastal community unites from Hilton Head to Charleston to Horry County, to make the Lowcountry a better place to live, grow, create and learn.

We are Charleston Hope

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