Bronzer Basics for Spring

Yay! Spring is in the air and it’s a great time to get together with friends over some ice tea and light snacks. But maybe winter has left you paler than the snow that has just finished melting! There are some great bronzers out there that you can use to get you though this awkward time when no one has a tan yet, but we sure don’t want to walk around paler than ghosts of Christmas past.

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Some Bronzer Tips:

1. Matte for Just a Touch- Since it’s only early spring you may not want to go for a full shimmer effect, instead pick a sheer matte bronzer that closely mimics your skin tone.

2. Bring the Heat- Medium fair skin can benefit with a touch of red in the bronzer, while a small bit of orange in a toffee/caramel tone does wonders for someone with olive and darker skin.

3. For Full Effect- try out a luminous cream or gel with copper flecks, if you are ready to look the part of a sun-kissed goddess!

4. Follow the Sun- Apply bronzer to the parts of your face the naturally get more sun; forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and work out into the other areas.

5. Blend Well- as always be sure to blend all of the shades of makeup that you use to avoid looking “made up”, and check your work in some different lighting (outside natural light if you can) to be sure everything is right where it should be!

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So keep these tips in mind for your next trip to the makeup counter, and don’t let winter skin keep you from having a great spring!