Summative 3

By Steve Groulx


This video is a representation of how some conflicts just "erupt" when a simple mistake happens. An "offside" in a sport is a penalty that someone gets if they had bad positioning on the playing field.
Fantastic Short - "Offside" (2006) short_film by Guy Nattiv and Erez Tadmor

Enduring Understanding

This is just like the long time fight of the Jews and the Muslims. The Jews have bad positioning, they are surrounded by Muslim states on all sides. The Jews are penalized almost every day for their "offside".

Jews' Viewpoints

From the Jews' perspective their positioning is not an "offside". Their land was given to them by their religion, and they aren't willing to give it up.

Muslims' Viewpoints

The Muslims want the Jews' land so to them, the Jews have made an "offside"


Sometimes I commit an "offside" in my own life. I do it a lot actually. Things like not doing my homework because I am too lazy, or not running when I should be training. These are a few of many in my own personal life.