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Acton Weekly Update 8/17/18

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FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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Coach's Corner

I can't quite put into words how impressed I am with the level of intent I've seen teachers put into how they are introducing and launching Daily 5. Continue striving to reach the end goal, which is to have students engaged in meaningful literacy activities so you can pull small groups.

We haven't talked about it yet this school year, but remember last year's focus. Try to keep all whole group reading instruction to 20 minutes or less. This concept of keeping your whole group as short as possible should still be a priority.

We often talk about how we can set our students up to succeed in life, both today and in the future. Focusing on Daily 5 implementation and keeping whole group reading instruction to 20 minutes will set you up to be successful with Guided Reading in January.

Reaching All Learners

1. Grade Level Planning Meetings:

In our Academic Team Meeting Thursday we discussed the option of changing the days that teams meet. There were some very good points about it being at the end of the week and not enough time to prepare. I get that. We have no issues with teams choosing to meet another day of the week. I do ask that you have the meetings during contract time so Matt can pop in to get the communication information for IA's and Special Services support. I will pop into meetings when I can to see how I can help, but it won't be on a super consistent basis. Please let us know if you change the day of your grade level planning time.

2. Grades 3-5 Grading: If your students are struggling with the CFU's then that data is to be used and we should be reflective of it. We will want to reteach the material and give students an opportunity to retake the CFU. Please be proactive with families and communicate that you may not be putting grades in the grade book until they've had a chance to retake or you can let them know there is a grade in the grade book, but their student will have the opportunity to retake it. When letting a student retake a CFU or CFA, they should be given full credit.

3. Please start thinking about your SMART goal. Those will need to be in PIVOT by October 1st. I'll talk more about this at an upcoming Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

4. Technology Goals for Elementary:

  1. Every teacher create a Google Classroom by Oct. 12th. Send the class code tome please

  2. Use google classroom 1x week by February 1st, 2019- any subject

  3. All other teachers should use google classroom monthly.

5. Please review the new Bullying Flowchart below. This helps explain the new paperwork process we will be following as a district.

6. Please review the High Ability Timeline below. Lynlie and Haley will come after Fall Break to review it with our staff. If you have questions before then, please feel free to email Lynlie and me and we will follow up with you.

7. Are you noticing your Morning Meeting is running long? It's great that you are building a family with your classroom, but start setting alarms on your phone or ipad to remind you and help students understand the importance of staying on task and moving on to your literacy block by 9:10.

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  1. Please be sure your bulletin boards are up, decorated, displaying student work and has a stated objective with it if there is student work.
  2. Reading Logs will be collected and totaled every Monday morning. Please just clip them outside your door and we will come around to collect them.

  3. Students who are coming in to the cafeteria from walkers or car rider line right before the bell will be given a breakfast and sent to class. All other students will eat in the cafeteria. We don't want the later students to miss class time.
  4. Matt, Kevin and I will take your class if you need to reteach any PBIS procedures around the building (hallways, bathrooms, classroom expectations, playground, etc).
  5. Please get your Safe Schools videos and quizzes done BEFORE the deadline!
  6. Please wash your dishes in the lounge before leaving the lounge. We've had several dirty dishes left in the sink.

Ohana Calandar

Monday 8/20/18

Our new furniture should be arriving on Monday. We will get it assembled and into rooms ASAP.

Tuesday 8/21/18

  • CFA 2.0 Training:Matt, Brook, Rigsby, Scott
  • Daily 5 Professional Development- Introducing the final 3.

Wednesday 8/22/18
  • CFA 2.0 Training:Matt, Brook, Rigsby, Scott
  • Collaboration- PBIS Review and Data

Thursday 8/23/18

  • PBIS Team Meeting 8:15 AM in the Conference Room
  • Grade Level Meetings- RA Time

Friday 8/24/18

  • September Field Trips due to Transportation Department.

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