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Back to School Information 2021-2022

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Parent-teacher relationships affect learning

Studies consistently show that parent involvement in education is linked to students’ academic success. It’s powerful when teachers, parents and students work together!

The family-school relationship is just like all relationships—it requires trust, effective communication and respect. To get off to a great start:

  • Set the tone. Show your interest by attending back-to-school events. Introduce yourself to the teacher and exchange contact information. Ask how you can support your child’s learning at home. Fill out and return school forms promptly. And let your child know that you and the teacher are on the same team.
  • Share information throughout the school year. Tell the teacher if there are any changes at home, such as a new sibling or a divorce, that may affect your child in the classroom.
  • Communicate respectfully. Make polite requests rather than demands. A helpful tip is to use the word we instead of you. “How can we stay in touch to help Adam?” The teacher is your partner, not your opponent.
  • Remain positive. When you talk with the teacher later in the year, you will likely learn about your child’s strengths. Be prepared to hear about weaknesses and concerns, too. React calmly and remember: You and the teacher both want your child to be successful.
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A good night’s sleep is crucial for learning

When your child doesn’t get enough sleep, it’s hard for her to learn in school. That’s because sleep affects a child’s ability to:

  • Plan and organize.
  • Solve problems.
  • Control mood and behavior.
  • Focus and pay attention.
  • Retain information.

To help your child get the recommended nine to 12 hours of sleep she needs each night:

  • Stick to a schedule. Enforce a regular bedtime and wake time. Establish times for meals, homework and recreation.
  • Encourage her to get moving. Exercise and fresh air help children sleep better.
  • Set a technology curfew. Kids should avoid bright screens for one hour before bedtime.
  • Follow a bedtime routine. She could take a bath, enjoy a story and share her favorite part of the day. Then, it’s lights out.
  • Make her feel safe. Put a night light in her room. Tell her you’ll check on her periodically.
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North Border School District now has an App available for your phones at the App Store or the Google Play Store. Search for North Border Eagles and download the App to keep up to date with school news and upcoming activities. Parents and students can contact the school office for login credentials to access student information such as grades and account balances.

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