Train Your Brain

How your brain influences your learning, and vice versa

As we learn new information our brain forms new connections between neurons, or brain cells. The more you use them the stronger they become. If you don't use them they become weaker and disconnect (Hoiland). Explore this brochure to find out ways to help your brain to grow and stay strong. After all, you owe everything you've learned already to your brain, so why not pay it back with some of the things it likes!

Need an example of how the brain works? explains the process of the brain growing when riding a bike:

"Think back to the first time you rode a bike. Your brain had to think about pedaling, staying balanced, steering with the handlebars, watching the road, and maybe even hitting the brakes — all at once. Hard work, right? But eventually, as you got more practice, the neurons sent messages back and forth until a pathway was created in your brain. Now you can ride your bike without thinking about it because the neurons have successfully created a "bike riding" pathway."

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