By. Theresa Strang


Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from from very demanding circumstances.


School is something teens stress about, school has changed over the years, there is more pressure and expectations, more things to STRESS about. Teens nowadays are expected to participate in school activities, study, do homework, and get good grade while they still need to have a life outside of school and teachers and principles don't understand. Yes they were in school at one point but they don't understand a lot has changed honestly.
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Family is another thing teens stress about, everyone has problems, nobody is perfect. Some of those problems may be at home, some teens don't have both of their parents, others may not have either of there parents. Maybe someone in their family passed away, we can't change the fact that it happened but, it still hurts and we will never be able to fill that empty feeling inside of us. I mean death is part of life but like I said it's still painful and stressful when you lose someone close to you.


Money is also something that could stress out teens, some people have plenty of money, other people barely have any money, then there is people with enough money to get what they need but not enough to actually have a life. Sometimes parents talking about there bills and money issues in front of teens could make the teens worry and worrying leads to stress.
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Teens may also stress over relationships, whether they are with friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend. Couples have fights and stuff and that may cause a stressful reaction.
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Some teens get bullied and it's not just joking around it's full on bullying and not everyone understands and there really isn't much you can do about it.
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Some teens struggle with lots of things which leads them to feel helpless about things. Some teens ask for help and people don't give it to them or don't understand them.
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Positive ways to deal with stress

1. Listen to music

2. Read

3. Write

4. Meditate

5. Relax

6. Talk to someone

7. Draw

8. Cut back on social media

9. Using a stress ball

10. Do something you love

Negative ways to deal with stress

1. Self harming

2. Listen to depressing music

3. Taking anger out on other people

4. Always on social media

5. Ignoring everyone

6. Taking drugs

7. Smoking

8. Overeating

9. Procrastinating

10. Undereating