The War of 1812

By: Jasmine Trent

Cause #1: Impressment

Britain again began to captured ships and kidnap sailors. This help cause the war because it started disagreements and arguments with in the people.

Cause #2: Economic

Jefferson proposed an embargo act to avoid war This Embargo Act stopped all American trade with Europe. The results were good this kept American ships safe and avoided war. Although the results of the Embargo Act was good the American economy suffered because they couldn't trade or get money from Europe.

Cause #3: "Warhawks"

A War hawk was someone who wanted war against Britain. In 1810 some new "war hawk" congressmen from the south and west were elected.

Cause #4: Native American Attacks

The American people were attacked by the Indians because they violated the Treaty of Greenville and moved into the Indian land. Because Americans was in Indian land when they wasn't supposed to be the Indians attacked the American people.

Effect #1: Economy

During the war American factories grew. This caused America to be less dependent on the British.

Effect #2: Politics

Federalists looked unpatriotic after the Hatford Convention and died out. This is because William Henry Harrison and Andrew Jackson became hero's.

Effect #3: Foreign Relations

America had gained respect from different people and places. With gaining respect America had also gained ''World Power"

Effect #4: Nationalism

America entered a stage called the "Era of good feelings" (Nationalism). American people turned from Europe and looked west to expand. Americans created a unique culture distant from Europe.

Battle of New Orleans

Britain wanted to capture New Orleans and the Mississippi River to cut off trade. Andrew Jackson led the war, but America beat British Troops. This battle made Jackson a National Hero.

Battle of Baltimore

This battle was because British navy tried to attack Baltimore, but were stopped at Fort McHenry. This is the battle that Francis Scott Key wrote the song "The Star-Spangled Banner" which is now the national anthem. British ships retreated and the Chesapeake area was saved.
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