New Pride and Prejudice

Featured sound track from artists today

The Way You Look Tonight- Frank Sinatra

Ballroom Scene

-Infatuation between Charles and Jane

-Jane is the only one he sees

-He continuously is complimenting her

-Beautiful Jazzy song that , matches the atmosphere of the scene


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Love Yourself- Justin Bieber

Darcys' rejection scene

-Jane strives for Darcy for a large portion of the book

-He's a duchébag

-INTJ (Introverted), (iNtuative), (Thinking), (Judging)

-Because if Social economical differences

-She high-key rejects him


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You Already Know- Bombay Bicycle Club

Charles dipping scene

-Extremely sad song

-"Remember when we forgot we were just good friends"

-Song is about a girl pushing herself away from love


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Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol/And So It Goes- Billy Joel

Mix of scenes after Darcys' rejection

-Both songs work perfectly to describe Darcys' regret

-"If my silence made you leave, then that would be my worst mistake"

-"Those three words, I said too much, I didn't say enough"

-Darcy regretting his actions in the past

-Trying to get over his internal conflicts with Elizabeth


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Hey There Cowboy Casanova

Lizzys' relationship with Wickham

-Lizzy and Wickham for a relationship that is ended soon because of his untruthful personality

-This song works with Wickham character

-Song is about a boy who girls fall for easily but is truly a royal meany head


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