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Things are "FALL"ing into place!

We are finally settling into our groups and ready to begin our work to help these students improve! I can't say thank you enough to the "brave few" who have stepped up to the call of duty. I appreciate your flexibility as you have dealt with staff, roster, schedule, and procedure changes these past two weeks. Thank you to Mr. Monroe for coming on board last week to take over our 4th ELP class. This newsletter is to get you "up to speed" with the changes and additions to the program.

Extended Learning v. Flexible Learning

Extended Learning Program

Our current ELP classrooms are:

Monroe (Room 200) - West Virginia State University

Sutton (Room 300) - Southern University

Schieffelin (Room 202) - South Carolina State University

Cooper (Room 308) - Claflin University

The teacher to student ratio for these classes can be up to 1:20. These classes are required to receive instruction in reading AND math for at least 45 minutes a piece for EACH session. I know that when the offer was first extended to each for the program, it was mentioned that you can teach one of the subjects and which classrooms with a partner teacher. That option is still available if you all would like to try it out. Here is how it would work:

  • Sutton and Monroe would be partners and Schieffelin and Cooper would be partners. One teacher would have to teach reading, and the other would have to teach math. The schedule would be very tight, since we are now dismissing at 4:30, their is no transition time built into the schedule anymore. If you all would like, we could try this pairing up on Thursday of this week, but you would have to agree in advance so that you have time to plan for it. Please take the quick survey below to vote on which teaching model you prefer.

Your ELP timesheets will be due weekly to Mrs. Wilson. I will be meeting with her this Tuesday to find out how to get us caught up on the days already worked, and will put the timesheets/instructions in your mailboxes to sign. Pleas e attach a copy of your lesson plans to your timesheets for record-keeping purposes.

Flexible Learning Program

Our current FLP classrooms are:

Jackson (Room 203): Jackson State University

Capers (Room 307): Clark Atlanta University

Darden (Room 204): Dillard University

Holt (Room 301): Howard University

Mitchem (Room 201): Morgan State University

The teacher to student ratio for these classes can be up to 1:10. The students registered in these classes are those who were identified by the state as Tier I students (Urgent Intervention). These classes are required to receive instruction in math, but it is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for you to incorporate some reading instruction into your lessons as well, since most of these Tier I students are extremely below level in reading as well.

Your timesheets will be submitted every two weeks directly to the Title I Department, who will review them and then submit them to payroll. The deadline for your timesheets is on the LTN University calendar. Please attach a copy of your lesson plans to your timesheets for record-keeping purposes.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

School Dismissal / LTN University Arrival

We will continue the routine of convening in the cafeteria upon school dismissal, and collecting students at the tables. The first couple of days, we delivered name cards to the homerooms to help the students locate their LTN Univ. teachers when they came into the cafeteria. We will not be using the name cards anymore, as the students seem to have gotten use to the routine. I will still continue to have a copy of the class rosters on each table, to help with logistics and snack distributions.

Please make sure you are in the cafeteria by no later than 2:45 to be able to quickly take role, give the roster of checked names to the cashier, and allow your students to go through the line. I know that it is a quick turn-around from dismissing your homeroom students, which is why you should discuss with your team the best way they can help to relieve of your students/duties by at least 2:30 to give you time to prepare for LTN Univ.

LTN University Dismissal

A transportation list is posted on the One Drive group for LTN University, and is updated almost daily with changes. We will begin dismissal for LTN University at 4:30:

  • The car riders and walkers will be dismissed first. They will line up in the hallway at the corner of room 200, and walk down the Pre-K/Kindergarten Hallway towards the front lobby. The teachers that will walk these students are: Sutton, Monroe, Mitchem, Holt, and Schieffelin.
  • The students who ride Bus 155 and Bus 4040 will be dismissed second. (The buses are not scheduled to arrive until 4:45.) They will line up in the hallway at the corner of room 309 (towards the gym), and walk down to wait for the buses in the gymnasium. A teacher will watch for the buses out the side door of the gym, and walk the students to the bus loop. The teachers that will walk these students are: Whitaker, Cooper, Capers, Darden, and Jackson.

Please stay in the dismissal areas until at least 4:45 to help make sure our students get home safely.

WINGS Students

There has been a lot of back and forth conversation between us and the WINGS coordinators to find a compromise that will allow our students the opportunity to benefit from both programs. The decision has been made that students who participate with the WINGS program will FIRST report to the WINGS program upon school dismissal so that they may receive snack from them and be accounted for. They will be allowed to attend the LTN University program from about 3:00-4:20. I will come around to classrooms at this time to collect them to be handed back to their WINGS teachers at this time. Please make note of the students on your roster that are in the WINGS program to help this process flow smoothly.

Attendance Updates

I will be reviewing our attendance for the past two weeks, and calling the parents of the students who registered but are no shows. If they do not show up this week, there spots will be filled with students who are on the waiting lists.

Though it may be cumbersome, it is a requirement for us to take attendance THREE ways:

  1. Check off names on the class roster on the cafeteria table and hand it to the cashier to have a count for snack.
  2. Upon arrival in the classroom and as students eat their snack, circulate the student sign-in sheet where they must write their full names, write the time in/out, and initial in both boxes.
  3. Before you leave each day, take attendance electronically in eSchools.

eSchools Update

I know that as of yet, we have not been able to access the attendance in eSchools. I have been in constant contact with Ms. Wooden on this matter, and I have contacted the program directors for both the Extended Learning and Flexible Learning Programs on this matter to make sure we are still in compliance. Ms. Wooden has assured me that she will work to resolve this issue and let us know when it is fixed. This is why is it EXTRA important that students sign-in correctly by hand so that we have proper documentation.

Technology Updates

Personalized Learning

I have exciting news! Last week, a mobile cart was delivered to the school with 10 brand-new DELL Chromebooks inside for our students to use in the program! We will use these along with the computer labs and iPads to incorporate technology into our lessons and allow students time to use the personalized learning math software, Red Bird and Compass Learning. The program manager for Red Bird Learning, Robyn Kohen, is coming out to meet with me this Thursday to help get us started. I am also finalizing the data spreadsheet needed to input our students into the Compass Learning database and get them started with that as well.

I have created a Technology Schedule and uploaded it into the One Drive group to help with your planning. It is a tentative schedule that will hopefully become permanent if it flows smoothly for everyone. I worked it out so that each class will have the opportunity to incorporate technology into one 45 minute segment of each meeting day. Please review the schedule and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Valedictorian of the Month

Let's keep these students motivated! In my presentation to the students, I mentioned that each class would be choosing a Valedictorian of the Month. This is the student who stands out in the classroom, is a hard worker, and exemplifies citizenship. Please talk this up in the classroom to help with behavior management, and to keep your students focused on their overall goal in the program. The plan is that the identified students will take a picture in a cap and gown, to be showcased on a bulletin board on one of the front hallways of the school for the month. These students will also receive a gift card to a kid-friendly store such as Toys-R-Us. Please try to choose a different student each month. The announcement for each month is on the calendar. I will try to remind you to turn in a name before the deadline each month.

That's all folks!