addison zhen

Maths goal:To get a better stanine in the maths tests

Reflection: I think that I have achieved this goal because I have learnt many more strategies to figure difficult things out

New maths goal:figure out larger numbers with different strategies in my head

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reading goal:To learn and understand larger words

reflection:i achieved this goal by reading many different types of books

new reading goal:to read different types of books with different types off genres

writing goal:To make sure all my sentences make sense

reflection: i achieved this goal by reading more and more books to see wot to use that will make sense in my stories

new writing goal:to use more adjectives in my stories so it has more fire in it


P.E. goal:to get a higher score in the beep test

reflection:i have achieved this goal (4.8-5.6) by doing more exercise

new P.E. goal:to understand and learn different games we play in lunch time rec