MLearning Apps For the Classroom

Incorporating Technology for Success


Is a mobile app that allows students to complete assessments online in the form of multiple choice quizzes, tests or exams. It gives students direct feedback of their results. It also compiles the results, and the questions asked in a spread sheet form for teachers to access and review

This app can be used in any setting where a typical assessment is give whether it is summative or formative. This app allows students to find out where they answered questions incorrectly and review content, and also saves time for teachers in having to compile assessment results in order to determine where areas of struggle were.

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Socrative Excel Download


This mobile app allows students to answer multiple choice questions in class about a certain topic, while playing against all of their classmates. You can create nicknames so that students can remain anonymous if they so chose.

This can be used in a classroom when reviewing before exams. The results to the questions are shown in real time after each question is answered and it shows the distribution of how many students chose certain answers. This can be very helpful to teachers because it very quickly can illustrate what concepts students have a good understanding on and which ones need some review.


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Allows individuals to capture a video of the screen, and they anything they are doing or demonstrating on a device.

This could be used in classrooms for students that have difficulty taking notes, or keeping up. By having the ability to recap something that has been taught to them using technology that day, they can review as many times as they need in order to understand the concepts.



A mobile app that helps students with organization of all of their assignments for all of their classes

This will be helpful so that students can see all assignments and due dates and keep track of when they need to hand in work. This will help with their time management skills. This could also be helpful for a teacher because if they know some students have weeks that are very busy, they can help students to try and manage stress and what they are completing when.

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A mobile app that allows students to not only take notes individually, and also collaboratively, and also share audio and video

This could easily be used in every day class settings for students that have a difficult taking notes. If they are able to work collaboratively with another, they may be able to combined get down the important information. This can also be used to help students communicate with their classmates about what information they think to be very important for testing, or application, and things that perhaps is already known, or simply review