Code of ethics

The code....


  • I'm an honest guy. I always tell the truth and I never lie. I don't keep secrets because that's being dis-honest. Honesty is key. If you honest then it will save you allot of trouble in the future. Trust me I am experienced from being caught lying at school.


  • Integrity is following the rules even if no one is watching. It means treating people fairly all the time. I have great integrity in my life as well. I always follow the rules in my community. Even when I can get away with not following them. Its about like speeding when no cops are around..... Its just not right!!


  • Being responsible means allot of things. It some times means being reliable or keeping promises. I feel I am very responsible because I always keep a promise. Thats a very big deal to me. I am also fairly reliable and on time to family/friend evets!


  • Do not share privet info with other people. I sure do not. This leads to identity theft and bank hacking. If some one tells you their password or something.... DON'T PASS IT ON. Also NEVER give your ssn to anyone. even your best friend.
  • I Am a trustworthy guy because I have all these great traits. I never share or ask for peoples info except for my family though and you should not either! Be safe and remember, Treat people how you want to be treated!


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Homeless Gets $1000 For His Honesty (Wallet Theft Experiment)