St. George Catholic School May 2015

Mission Statement

St. George Catholic School, a ministry of St. George Catholic Church, is a multicultural community serving children in the Fort Worth metropolitan area by providing a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment promoting Catholic values, academic excellence,

From the Principal . . .

With the 2014-2015 school year now over and our minds filled with knowledge, it’s time to look back at the year. Our school community has shared many experiences that we will remember for years to come. It is the strength of our community that makes St. George a wonderful place for our children to live out their faith. We will fondly remember Mrs. Pat Mack and how she graced us with her presence. She will always be in St. George’s prayers.

Our fundraisers, school socials, and assemblies were made special by the many parents, students, and teachers who attended these events. From the Fall Carnival to the awards ceremony on the last day of school, our community came out and showed their support to the school in a variety of ways. Many thanks to ALL of you! Special thanks to our community partners, Home and School Association, Dad’s Club, Noodles at Boba Tea House, Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Lisa’s Ballroom, and many more who have all played a “behind the scenes” part in strengthening our school. Your donations, efforts, and initiatives were noticed and greatly appreciated!

Parents remember your children are St. George students all the time, so don’t forget about their summer reading list, the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge which we are participating in, take advantage of the FREE summer math program being offered by TenMarks, and most importantly continue to take your children to church. By doing all of these fun summer activities, your children will be off to a good start in the upcoming school year which begins on August 12th. I look forward to seeing you at Welcome Back Night on August 10th.

Well wishes to those who are leaving St. George. Class of 2015 make us proud and remember to put God first in all you do. May God bless you all and keep you safe.

Have a restful and blessed summer!

Mary Longoria, Principal

Classroom Zoom 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Science - Miss Carrera

While the unpredictable Texas weather attempted to thwart our efforts to put on our Science Fair, St. George students successfully displayed and explained their projects on Tuesday, March 17th in the gym. We had at least one representative from each grade starting with Pre-K all the way up to 8th. Teachers encouraged their students to investigate science topics that were grade-level appropriate. The Science Fair featured a variety of projects including: the life cycle of a butterfly, crystals, dinosaurs, volcanoes, plants, and decaying food. The students worked diligently on their projects for several weeks; some even began their projects in December!

Pre-K 4 - Mrs. Nichols

The Pre-K classes have been exploring the world of shadows and reflections using shapes. We have been working on our Earth Day project utilizing different types of material from paint, to scrap paper, to any material left over from other projects we did in the past month. We included Saint George’s Feast Day making a dragon out of shapes. All our projects include writing at least one sentence incorporating our new vocabulary words. In addition, we made square or triangle picture frames using popsicles sticks. We have a lot of fun in our classes. We create, sing, and learn!

Alumni Update!

This section of our Newsletter features an update from various members of our St. George Alumni Family.

This month, we are featuring Lee and Michael Espinoza. Lee and Michael generously dontated their time and talents towards During our Middle School Dance in March. The two brothers attended St. George Catholic School from Pre-K through 8th grade. Lee was a 2006 graduate and Michael was a 2013 graduate.

When asked about their fondest memories from St. George, the two both agreed that being involved in the school’s sports programs was a highlight of their experience here. Lee stated, “St. George helped me build strong leadership skills as my friends always looked up to me for my help with academics and athletics. The school also helped me give back to my church community by volunteering.”

Michael also agreed by including, “St. George has helped me figure out my strong points.”

“As for our DJ future, Michael does it for a way to relieve stress and as a side job. I plan to take our dad’s DJ business and morph it into an entertainment business, not just for music purposes, but for business meetings, get-togethers, church events, and also party services,” states Lee enthusiastically.

Please contact Lee and Michael Espinoza for any of your up-coming