The Selection

Abby Stephens

breif summary

America lives in a world where she is put into a caste system based on numbers, one being the most wealthy, and six being the poorest. unfortunately America singer and her family a five. Also she is in love with a six which her parents would never approve of if they knew. as they sneak around her mother finds out about the selection. which is a competition for the prince to find the next queen. Americas mother is crazy about but America, not so much. she refuses to have to find her future husband by a competition between 35 other girls. that is if she gets chosen...


America singer

Maxon Shreave


King Clarkson

Queen Amberly

Lucy and Anne

May singer

all the selected girls


Prince Maxon Shreave is in need of a true love, also the queen. he is very determined to find the right one but America is not wanting it at all... in the beginning

Important event

when Americas mom tells America about the selection and how she is going to put her name is, America refuses and doesn't want to go through with it because she is in love with Aspen.


I think that mostly high school girls would love this book, its kind of like the bachelors.

maxon shreave

trait one; maxon loves america but america doesnt feel quite the same.

evidence; if you dont want me to be in love with you, you have to stop looking so lovely.

trait two; trying to get america to realize how much he loves her

evidence; break my heart, break it a thousand times if you like, it was only ever yours to break.


not wanting the crown means you're probably the best person to have it.
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