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Keep Pushing Forward

We are now in the home stretch! Don't get weary, just keep pushing forward. We have 9 weeks left to get our kids ready for the next grade level. Beaches and poolside naps will be here soon enough. You all have done an amazing job this year growing and pushing for your personal best.

Glance through this newsletter for some STAAR updates, a quick book review, and a reminder that smiling really does make a difference with our students and our coworkers. Have a good week!

C&I Snap Shots

TEA Releases New Scoring Guides for Writing

In March, TEA released new scoring guides for both fourth and seventh grade writing assessments. Both personal narrative and expository guides are updated.

The guides include samples of student writing with scores and a rational for the score given. Each score from one to four has four writing samples provided.

Utilize this resource to help polish your holistic scoring, and also allow your

students to read and rate these papers. Remember, they too can benefit from beginning with the end in mind.

All content areas can use the expository writing prompt for their subject area. The read, think, write model promotes writing across the curriculum and improves student confidence in expository writing.

Book Review: Taming the Team

This month’s Book Club book is Taming the Team by Jack Berckemeyer. The book, while humorous, offers many practical applications for using teaming as a method to increase productivity and student success.


“A team meeting is not about putting on your Birkenstocks and sitting in a circle singing "Kumbaya!" We need something to keep us on task. Time is a hot issue for educators, and we are tired of our time being wasted. A team meeting should never be a waste of time. Therefore, take a few minutes at the beginning of each meeting to create an agenda. You will already have agreed on how your agenda will be established, how meetings will be run, and what important things to cover.

Be sure that your agenda focuses on kids, curriculum, professional

development, some fellowship, logistics, and other business. Be careful not to let 'housekeeping' details take up too much of the time. Make the agenda fit the needs of your team.”

One practical problem that Jack exposes is using 95% of time in teaming to focus on 5% of students. Ranging from the best and brightest or the student that poses the biggest challenges, the other 95% of our students are getting less attention. By neglecting to focus on every student, we neglect to raise the test scores of every child.

Jack offers a thumbs up, thumbs down approach to monitor the progress of every student. Additionally, he suggests a 3-5-3 plan for teaches to use with students. Identify three academic issues, five strategies for moving foward, and three ways to follow up.

For more practical applications for teaming, come by and check out a copy of this book.

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