Security Doors

Security screen doors, depending on the manufacturer.

Letting Summer Breezes Into the House

The weather is beautiful, there is a refreshing breeze, and it is time to air out the house. Opening windows will help, but being able to leave screen doors open will cool the home faster. It also allows the family to enjoy the outside views. This is not as common as it was in years past due to the increase in intruders and break-ins.


It is no longer safe to leave a regular screen door open for ventilation. People can simply walk into the home, take what they wish, and be violent. It is also unsafe for young children. A parent can go into the other room to answer the phone or check on dinner and see no toddler upon re-entering the front room. Children are quick and can get distracted by butterflies, neighbors, or a noise in the yard.

Rather than allowing potential threats from preventing fresh air and security, explore the latest options in security doors. There are screen doors that allow air in while keeping intruders out. Insects will not have a chance to invade either. They also provide an additional layer of protection that keeps children safely inside as they look outside. These doors are designed to be difficult for young children to open.

How Does That Work?

Security screen doors, depending on the manufacturer, utilize patented technology to make stainless steel security screens that are extremely strong. One example is an exclusive Screw-Clamp system, developed by Crimsafe, that holds mesh securely to the door frame. These are also custom made to order for a perfect fit, which also adds security. The Ultimate line includes a heavy-duty clamping system that is forty percent stronger than the patented system.

They not only keep intruders out, they also provide an excellent barrier against hail and storm debris. Summer storms can strike suddenly in most regions of the US so extra safety in that regard will add to the peace of mind these security doors instill in customers. A privacy film can be added to the product as well. People will not see in clearly, yet the family can see out clearly to enjoy unobstructed views.