3B and 3D News

February 17th - February21st

We got to play outside!!

Reading and Language Arts

We will continue our poetry unit. We will be exploring different styles of poetry and writing some poems of our own!

We will also continue to learn about playful language like riddles, tongue twisters, and idioms.


WOW: congruent- same size, same shape.

This week in math we will continue working with 3D shapes and symmetrical figures. We will also be working on elapsed time.


This week in science we will continue to update our weather charts in class as well as begin exploring the water cycle!

Be sure to be working on your weather forecast project at home.

Social Studies

During social studies this week, we will be learning about some famous and noteworthy African Americans.

Who do you think should be added to our list?


Mark Your Calendar

February 17th: No School- President's Day

February 21st: Six Flags reading logs are due

February 28th: Academic Olympics. Good luck third graders!

March 6th: Open House from 6:00pm-7:00pm

March 10th-14th: Spring Break

Important Information

  • Mrs. Munoz needs to cancel after school reading tutoring on Wednesday, the 19th due to a prior engagement. Thank you for understanding!

  • Thank you so much for all of the Valentine goodies! We sure felt the LOVE!

Home Fun

Please pick between these resources and complete 3-4 nights a week for practice at home. From our experience, we feel that 30 minutes is an appropriate amount of time for "home fun". Thank you for supporting us with this!

Math Resources:

Weekly Math Sheet (due on Fridays)


Mobymax: (Fact Master + Math Lesson)

Think Through Math

Reading Resources:

Mobymax: (Language, Vocabulary, Reading)

Read books at home

Spelling Resource: