Reforms of The 1800's

.-~Zack Horton~-.

Abolitionist Movement

The Abolitionist movement was a movement in which African Americans from slavery arose. William Lloyd Garrison was the white leader of the Abolitionist movement. Frederick Douglass escaped from being a slave and and dedicated his life to supporting the abolishment of slavery, he also owned an anti-slavery newspaper called the North Star.
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Women's Rights

In the 1800's the opportunity for women to get better educations increased. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott were both abolitionist movements. In 1848, over 300 women participated in a Women's Rights convention in Seneca Falls in New York.

Mental Health Reform/Prison Reform

The Prison and Mental Health reform was majorly lead by a woman named Dorothea Dix. She wanted to create separate facilities for both prisoners and the mentally ill.


The Temperance Movement was a movement used to lower the use of alcohol. The women were avid supporters of the movement, since many of them said that alcohol caused the breakup of families .
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Educational Reform

The Educational Reform was supported by those who wanted to improve public schools. They did so through supplying equipment and tools for students to better use, they improved the curriculums. Horace Mann was one of the most well known Educational Reform leaders. He helped to double the money Massachusetts spent on its school system.