Rockbrook Reminder

Rockbrook Elementary School's Weekly Updates 11-15-19

Student Council Spirit Week

November 18-22 will be Student Councils Spirit Week to raise money for our Adopted Family. We ask that you bring a donation of $.50 for each day that you participate.


Monday, November 18th - Pop Day (12oz or smaller)

Tuesday, November 19th - Twin Day

Wednesday, November 20th - Crazy Day

Thursday, November 21st - Decade Day

Friday, November 22nd - Beach Day

Westside District Spelling Bee

On Friday, November 15, twenty-six students participated in the annual Westside Community Schools District Spelling Bee hosted by the Excellence in Youth Team. School Bees were held in October to determine the top 2 spellers at each elementary school and the top 6 spellers from the middle school.

Rockbrook was represented by Lucas N. and Nora J. Both competed admirably and Lucas finished in 2nd place for the over all Bee and in the Elementary Division.

BRAVO 5th and 6th Grade!

Our 5th and 6th Grade students and Mr. Pribnow deserve a round of applause on an excellent program presented Thursday night. Thanks to all for their hard work and to families for showing their support of music and arts education at our school.

Movie Night Success

Thanks to all who joined us for our first Movie Night of the year, to our Student Council for operating our Concession Stand, and our many Parent Volunteers who helped make for a fun family evening.

If you weren't able to join us this time we'll have another on March 6th. Mark your calendar to be a part of the fun.

Thanksgiving Meal

We would like to invite you to come to have Thanksgiving lunch with your child

Thursday, November 21st. Adult meals are $4.00, and exact change is needed. Please call the office to reserve your meal by 9 am that morning.

New Dining Out Night

We are excited to announce that we've teamed up with Jason's Deli for educational dining out night. Mark your calendars on December 3rd, 2019 from 4-8 pm for dinner at Jason's Deil 12320 L Street.

Winter Wear and Snow Gear

To ensure that students can both enjoy the snow and keep warm and dry once they come inside, we wanted to remind you of a few expectations for students wishing to play in the snow.

• Students need to wear proper coats, gloves, and hats. When temperatures are above 10º we will typically be going outside.

• If students wish to walk in deep snow, they will be expected to wear snow boots.

•For very deep snow or if students wish to roll and play in in the snow, students will need snow pants to ensure they stay warm and dry.

• If students wish to build with snow they must have gloves or mittens.

• When recess equipment is slick or wet, access may be restricted to promote student safety.

We appreciate your support in going over these expectations with your child. Teachers will do so as well so that students may have a fun and safe time during winter recess.

Community Club Website & Student Directory - Please Sign Up

Need a great way to gather information for a birthday invitation? Looking to sign up for an upcoming event? Need some details about something you heard was discussed at a recent Community Club Meeting? Be sure to visit the NEW Community Club Website. It's your one stop shop for information about Community Club, to include your information in the directory, and to be able to sign up for access to the app.

Save Your Hy-Vee Receipts


•PLEASE SAVE your HY-VEE receipts dated between September 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

•Hy Vee will donate $1 for every $200 spent. This adds up, we have been earning between $400 & $600 per year!!

•Grocery receipts, gas, diner, coffee shop and pharmacy receipts are all accepted from any of the Omaha and Council Bluffs Hy-Vee stores.

•Tell your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to save their receipts for our school.

Send your receipts back to school with your child. The Hy-Vee drop box will be located near the fish tank.

Write the name of your child’s teacher on the top of your receipt, or bundle them and put the teacher’s name on the envelope.

The class that brings in the most will receive a pizza party in January.

Thank you for your SUPPORT!

When Is My Child Too Sick for School?

Send me to school if...

  • I have a runny nose or just a little cough but no other symptoms.
  • I haven't taken any fever-reducing medicine for 24 hours and I haven't had a fever during that time.
  • I haven't thrown up or had any diarrhea for 24 hours

Keep me at home if...

  • I have a temperature higher than 100 degrees even after taking medicine.
  • I'm throwing up or have diarrhea.
  • My eyes are pink and crusty.

Call the doctor if...

  • I have a temperature higher than 100 degrees for more than two days.
  • I have been throwing up or have diarrhea for more than two days
  • I have the sniffles for more than a week and they aren't getting better.
  • I still have asthma symptoms after using my asthma medicine (and call 911 if I'm having trouble breathing after using my inhaler.)
Traffic and Parking at Rockbrook

Help us keep students and families safe. Please review the routes for parking and pickup using the full route. Cutting across the lot has created some recent close calls for both cars and students. These routines help keep everyone safe.

Students and Cell Phones / Smart Devices

We know that staying connected to your child is an important safety feature for many families. While in school we ask that students keep all cell phones and smart devices stowed in their backpacks. This helps prevent distraction from learning.

Medication at School

For you child’s safety and for the safety of others, all medication, even cough’s drops, must be kept locked in the health office, it must be in the original package. All medication, including cough drops, needs to be accompanied by a medication form signed by the parent or guardian, all prescription medication forms must be signed by the doctor. Whenever possible, medication should be administered at home.

Important Dates


20 Don & Millies Dining Out Night

27-30 Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL


3-Jason's Deli Dining Out Night 4-8 pm

3-Community Club - 6:00pm

5-Hour of Code Family Night

9-All School Instrumental Concert - 2:35 pm

12- Zio's Dining Out Night

Safety Patrol

Information about our Safety Patrol schedule is available on our safety patrol website. Please check this schedule if your child is volunteering for this important activity to help keep our school and students safe.

Welcome to Rockbrook Elementary - Home of the Bulldogs

Rockbrook Mission:

The mission of Rockbrook Elementary School, a diverse community of learners, is to foster learning by providing a quality educational experience within a secure and challenging environment.

Rockbrook School Design Goal:

At Rockbrook we will increase student engagement and achievement through Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports for social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs.

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