Best Practices #1

A Note From Your Instructional Coach

Give yourself a huge pat on the back! The consensus from last week is that many of you are feeling pretty good. Students are tested, makeups weren't too painful and let's face it, it was nice to actually get to interact with kiddos as opposed to a computer screen for a change.
Our Resource Sharepoint continues to be updated weekly with your ideas, resources, recordings, etc. Check back regularly!
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Lesson Planning

Teachers have shared their use of the BEGIN WITH THE END technique being so helpful in planning those whole group and small group lessons.
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Teach Like a Champion Technique 6 - Begin with the End

Standards and Objectives

PPT slides below can be found in our Sharepoint and used with any lesson, grade, subject area.


Fully Engaged

Blackboard Tip

Need a quick way to assign student whiteboard workspaces? Ask them to claim a spot (or claim it for them) by clicking on their name from the participant list and dragging it over to the whiteboard. No need to type, write, or match numbers.