Media Center Minutes

Research, Fake News, and Proper Citations (M8)

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M-Powerment Strategies

This month's Media focus is M-8. Let us help you be sure your students are finding valid information and properly citing their sources! (Also, see the links below for help with citing)
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Your Media Coordinators appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your students!

Ms. Brawley and Ms. Stutts appreciate the following teachers letting us collaborate with, speak to, and/or welcome your students to the library: Ms. Smith, Ms. May, Ms. Harris, Ms. Mayfield, Mr. Smith, Ms. Coonfield, Ms. Schall, Ms. Carr, Mr. Gregg, Ms. Chapman, Ms. Foulks, Ms. Jiménez, Ms. Walls, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Eaton, Mr. Black, Ms. Bauer, Ms. Graham, Mr. Clark, Ms. Agar, Ms. Bustle, Ms. Yunker

We love to collaborate! Please contact us if you would like to co-teach, use the library for research, or have us help you in your classroom!

M-8 Research and Inquiry-Based Thinking

Ms. Harris', Ms. May's, Ms. Schall's, and Mr. Smith's Junior English students are deep in the research and writing process for their Capstone Papers. (If you hear yelling, it's Tim Smith)

Here's some important points we share with students when they evaluate website articles:

*Check the author--Is it an expert in the field? (Anyone can make a website)

*Check the organization--Is it a trusted source? (.gov .edu .org are usually trustworthy)

*Check the grammar--Are there grammar mistakes? (Professionals don't use 'u' or 'tho')

“The new digital divide will be based around students who know how to effectively find and curate information and those who do not." -- Holly Clark
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Here's a Quick Visual for Citing a Website

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Check out Mrs. Brawley's Fake News Smore

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