Evan Espinoza

Venezuela is a country located on the northern coast of South America, and it's capitol is Caracas. A popular sport is soccer, and there cuisine has a lot of European influences such as Italian, Spanish, and French.
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El Estadio

Estadio Polideportivo de Pueblo Nuevo is one of the three stadiums that the Venezuela National Soccer team rotates through.

La Casa

Casa Amarilla is a national monument in Venezuela and served as a presidential office, presidential residence, and royal prison. Casa Amarilla is known greatest for being where the first Venezuelan independence movement began.

El Monumento

Monumento a Los Símbolos is a statue that contains 3 men in which one represents the Venezuelan shield, one represents the Venezuelan flag, and one represents the Venezuelan national anthem.

El Museo

Museo de Arte Contempráneo is a museum of contemporary art and is one of the best collections of modern art in all of South America. You can even find some of Picasso's work here.

El Restaurante

Le Gourmet is located in Caracas, Venezuela and is known for their good food, furnishing, and interior garden

El Lago

Lago de Maracaibo is a large brackish bay connected to the Gulf of Venezuela.

El Parque Nacional

Parque Nacional Canaima is a protected area split by the Caroni River, including table mountains and high waterfalls.
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La Montaña

Pico Bolívar is the highest mountain in Venezuela, rising 16,427 feet.

La Iglesia

La Iglesia de San Marin (Saint Martin's Church) is one of Venezuela's most beautiful churches and was built by German immigrants in the 1850's.

El Cine

Cines Unidos Las Americas is located in Maracay, the capitol city of Aragua state, west of Caracas and also contains the most screens of any movie theatre in Venezuela (11).

La Biblioteca

Biblioteca nacional de Venezuela is located in Caracas and is obviously the national library.

El Zoológico

Parque Zoológico Caricuao is located in Caracas and was created March 7,1974 but opened up to the public July 31, 1977.

La Plaza

Plaza Bolívar is located in the center of the first 25 blocks of Caracas. Plaza Bolívar was founded as "Santiago de León de Caracas" in 1567 and is surrounded by many important buildings such as the Yellow House, Caracas Cathedral, Sacred Museum, City Hall, and many more.

El Gimnasio

There is a Gold's Gym located in Caracas and Mark Cold on Facebook said he had a great time there.

La Playa

The Morrocoy National Park Beach contains lots of fun things such as parks, reefs, and snorkeling.