The Colony Of Connecticut


Connecticut has a general temperate climate, with mild winters and warm summers.Springtime in Connecticut the temperature vary and it rains a lot .It can be hot and humid throughout the state.Thunderstorms are most frequent during the summer, occurring on average 30 times annually. These storms can be severe, and the state usually averages one tornado per year.


Connecticut is located in the north-east of the United States and is bordered to the north east and west by the states of New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Connecticut has limited resources more than half its land is covered with forest which provides wood products.The soil of the states broad river valleys is suitable for farming.


The Puritans dominated New England and Colonial Connecticut. Although many left Europe to find Religious Freedom they did not tolerate any other form of religion. The Puritans were a reform movement in the Anglican church that aimed purifying the church of corruption.


The first European settlers in Connecticut area where the Dutch. In 1614, Adriaen Block explored the lands along the Connecticut river. Settlement did not occur until 1633 , When a small fort was built at the site of Hartford then called New Hope.


Thomas Hook a prominent Puritan minister, and Governor John Hays of Massachusetts Bay Colony who led 100+ to present day Hartford in 1636 , are often considered the founders of Connecticut.

Native Americans

The Native American Indians of Connecticut included the Narragansett, Mohegan, Wampanoag, Nipmuck, Pocumtuck, Abenaki and Pequot. The settlers in Colonial Connecticut were involved in these conflicts: The Pequot War of 1637 , King Philips War (1675-1677) , The French and Indian War (1756-1763).

Reason For Migration

Connecticut was a distinct settlements of Puritans Massachusetts and England. Known as the "Land Of Steady Habits" for its political, social and religious conservatism. The state took a leading role in America's Industrial Revolution.

Reason for Settlement

Many people wanted to settle in the Connecticut colony in the 1700's because it was a up and coming colony with its thriving shipbuilding,trading,farming, and whaling industries.


John Winthrop Jr. obtained a charter for Connecticut from King Charles ll of England. Colonial Connecticut became a charter colony which was a largely self-governed. The charter established the rules of government, but allowed the colonist a great amount of freedom within those rules.

*The Governor of Colonial Connecticut ruled like a king.
*TOWN MEETINGS once a month.


There are a lot of jobs like farming , fishing , whaling , Ship Building , Iron Forging. Most of all Connecticut colony gained trade and manufacturing as farmers. The Connecticut colony manly focused on farming and growing crops.

Home Life

Boys learned from the men such as farming, building, clearing land, and some times butchered animals. The Girls learned from the women they where trained to be wives to cook and clean up and care for families and home.