Fight Song Service Project

Feed The Hunger

Feed The Hunger

Feed The Hunger is a organization that makes care packages for the homeless. They have you come in and you have a group. In the group you put foods into a bag and then they seal them. Then you keep doing it over and over again until you have a great number of packages. After that they decide a winner of the most boxes made. Then the project is over. When you leave you have a strong feeling in your heart that you just did a great deed and that you will help hundreds. When you go to sleep you have great dreams of feeding hundreds of poor children. And you can't wait to do it again next year.

Why would I like to be involved in service projects

Doing service projects makes you feel better as a person. It makes you feel that you gave back to people in need or anything. Doing service projects not only benefits you it benefits the people around you by convincing people to be a better person. It also changes the people that your doing the service project for.
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Other organizations I want to do.

I really love Feed The Hunger but I would like a break. Next service project I want to do homeless care packages, because if you give the homeless money they might go buy drugs or alcohol the things that got them homeless from addiction. By having the care package it limits the homeless to only things they need to live and get back on their feet.