Capitol Reef, Utha

Miranda Gusman

Where is it?

South Central Utah

14 h 57 min (1,047 mi) from Liberty MO

38.3670 N

Longitude: 111.2615 W

Park is :

60 miles long

6 miles wide

What is the temperature?

Highest: 65.2 f

Lowest: 41.1 f

Average: 53.2 f

Average Rain: 8.14 in

Rock and Minerals

Sedimentary starta

Permian : 270 million years old

Cretaceous: 80 million years old

Older rocks are found in the western

Younger rocks are found in the eastern

Why is this park important?

Archaic hunters and gathers migrated though the canyons. Mormon pioneers and others arrived in the 1800s, setting in what is now Fruita Rural district .

Things To Do

  • Hiking Trails:

Cassidy Arch, Grand Wash, Chimney Rock, Hickman Bridge

  • Tour the Gifford Farm
  • Camp
  • See the water pocket fold

What is the waterpocket

The waterpocket fold is still an ongoing erosion of rock layers. formed 50 - 70 million years ago when mountains formed in western north america restoring a buried fault

Weathering & Erosion

  • Wingate and Navajo sandstone form Cliff
  • Chinle shale layers form slopes
  • Desert climate causes cravings, the pull from gravity form of rock falls and cliff lines

What plate is it on?

North American plate

Midget Faded Rattlesnake (problems)

  • 24 inches long
  • Is the park's resident venomous snake
  • It blends in with the pink sandstone