Zeshan Ahmed

Information about France

Nickname: The Hexagon

Quote: "Each country has a soul, and Frances soul is equality"

The Mediterranean

- Attracts millions of tourists a year

- Famous for sunbathing and swimming in the sea

- 3 cities: Cannes, Nice, Saint-Tropez

- Marseille: busiest seaport in France

East France

- Rhine River: produces rich natural resources

- iron ore, nearby coal is extracted

France's History

- First known as Gaul when Romans conquered it

- Famous Conqueror: Charlemagne; controlled the Roman Empire

- The French Revolution

Languages and Culture

- Language: French

- French became the language of France because the French kings brought it along as they conquered the land

- Dialects: variations of a language

- French Academy: helps regulate the language, important because it maintains France's identity


Cultural Identity

- Impressionism, style of art and painting

- Louvre: famous for his French artistry

- Center of culture: Paris

- Known for its theaters, ballets, and operas

France Today

- Nationalized the economy

- Became a huge exporter of goods

- France's opposition to military action in Iraq strained its alliance with the US