Western Cordillera

By Kanza, Kamverdeep and Amarah


The Western Cordillera stands along the western edge of Canada. It ranges from the Yukon to British Columbia and western Alberta. It consists of ranges of mountains separated by plateaus and valleys.


The Western Cordillera was created when two tectonic plates called The North American and Juan de Fuca plates collided.


 There is very little precipitation. 2500 mm of rain in the cascades and coastal ranges and  250 mm in the plateau. The climate changes will cause major impacts one  the amount of water in the Western Cordillera.

Climatic By: Amarah

The Western Cordillera has different climates depending where you are located in the mountains, depending on where you are located in the mountains. Close to the shore, the climate is very wet and cool during the fall and winter, there is a lot of rain and the summers are usually cool. there is alot of snow high in the mountains. On the upper part of the mountains is always very cold because of the high elevation. Depending on where up and where on land you are, there are different climate for all.

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